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Moulding of Plastic Materials

Production process and machinery
The moulding department of plastic material operates on a 24-hour basis, with 18 last-generation injection moulding machines ENGEL, ARBURG, BABYPLAST. Each machine is equipped with a Cartesian robot for the automatic extraction of parts, the supply of raw materials and the coupling station are also automated. 
The high technological content of our equipment allows us to manage also multi-cavity mould at a high rate of daily production. In 2011 the need to produce semi-processed goods with limited tolerance, as welll as to limit the number of scraps to few pieces per million (PPM), led us to enrich the firm's machinery with electrical injection moulding machines which, owing to their precision, reduces the variability of the output resulting from injection moulding.

Main Thermoplastic Material Used

Treatment of resin

The treatment of polimer takes place through a centralized procedure; the first step consists of dryng according to polimer specifications; subsequantly, a centralized system moves the polimer directly into machinery insulated hoppers.

Quality control
Quality control, integrated in the management system of moulding, allows the detection of any anomaly during production. Each product undergoes checks through Process Controlling Cards, which are shared with the client in order to define and draw up a specific Control Plan. The quality unit organizes checks on single batches of production by Variable and Attribute and conducts CM and CMk for critical variables.